Pillowcases anyone?

First, here’s the green HeartStrings quilt – the binding was done during my quiltathon last night. I’ve got to figure out a good angle for photos with the tree AND I need to pull out those leaves at the bottom, they bother me.

Second, after quilting the log cabin quilt this morning, I decided to make a pillowcase and photograph the steps. Ethel showed us how to make these at the HeartStrings sew-in. I’m a quilter not a sewer so I found the instructions confusing until I saw one made. Maybe my photos will make it clearer for someone else.

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  1. You are an inspiration! I could never stay up all night and the next day too! Good Luck! :~)I really need the pictures for making the pillowcases. When were we going to have the virtual retreat for making these?

  2. Well not sure where my first comment went, but here I go again…Super Quilter!! Love how the green string HS quilt turned out and the log cabin too. Makes you all warm and cozy. Loved the tutorial on the pillowcases too. Think I’m going to attempt that tonight. My daughter (7) has some SpongeBob fabric picked out so we’ll give it a whirl tonight. Curious – how does Chesty handle your all-nighters?Take care! Jennifer

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to take the wonderful pictures of each step of the pillowcase process. I too was a bit confused on this whole process. Just one question, are you pressing your side and bottom seam open or to one side like we do in quilting? Thanks again for the tutorial!

  4. Great that you posted photos for making that pillowcase. I have made them, and it took several false starts because I couldn’t make sense of the directions. It finally clicked, but if anyone hasn’t made one, I recommend using your photo tutorial!

  5. As always I’m inspired by your dedication. I tried to stay awake with you, but after staying up until 2:30pm the night before I had to go to bed earlier. I’m only half way done with the quilt I worked on last night. I just Stitch in the ditch mostly but it takes a lot of pushing through the DSM. Love the loops and leaves. I told DH that you were doing a Quiltathon and were on your 7th quilt this month already. I’m making the Pillowcases x6 to store the kids Christmas quilts in. The quilts were last years UFO’s wrapped. Most completed this year. Two more to go!!! Mary C

  6. Mary you are awesome! I have a friend who has probably made a hundred of these pillowcases over the years and I’ve watched her make some of them. It always seems so simple when I watch her, but I can never remember how she does it later. The many sets of instructions I have are all confusing. This is such a help to me. I think my family has pillowcases in their holiday future!! Thanks again for your wonderful instructions.Kathy in Redwood City, California

  7. Thanks so much for the clear instructions and large pictures. I have seen this in several other places but somehow yours make it much more understandable.

  8. Thanks for the pictures and tutorial on the pillowcases. I’ve *seen* the process before but could never recall exactly *how* to sew it!

  9. That is a great tut on the pillowcase construction. I made some of these for soldiers when Sandy C. first posted her tut on Webshots. So fun how the pillowcase magically emerges when pulled out 🙂Your latest quilt pics are inspiration and eye candy.Thanks for all you do and for keeping your blog so fun and interesting.

  10. Me too Mary on the pillowcase. I searched out tutorials and kept getting more and more confused. Then I found a tutorial that seemed simple so I took step by step and poof a pillowcase was born. My GD#2 wants to make them for her family and I definitely didn’t want her to get frustrated.Does your doggie like to walk in the cold? I read where a lady purchased sweaters in the baby section for her little dog.

  11. Hi Mary, Don’t have a blog but want to thank you for the instructions on the pillow cases. Also the instructions on the boxed square. Went to a retreat last weekend and took my jelly rolls of civil war repos. and did this quilt top for my hubby. I just loved it and so did about 6 others at the retreat. Take care of yourself and thanks again for all you do. Renjillbatch@Bellsouth.net

  12. Thanks so much for taking the time to take pictures of each step. I had read through the directions, but still didn’t quite “get it” until I saw the pictures. Now I feel like I have to try some of these.

  13. Mary,Love those pillowcases and great pictures. I understand how to make the sausage tube now.I agree with you on those crazy things hanging out of that tree.

  14. thanks for the photo tutorial on the pillowcases. I didnt understand how it was done either but now I think I get it. I’ll give it a try this weekend.BTW…I love your blog and check it almost daily.Ursula

  15. Mary,Thanks for the wonderful photos of this operation. I was all excited that I was going to make pillowcases for Paul Newmans kids until I read the directions about 4times and I was so confused and this makes it look so easy.

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