Quiltathon – update #1

Getting ready to break for dinner so I thought I’d share my progress.

Decided I might as well get caught up on the laundry while I’m in productive mode so load # 1 is in the wash.

The binding is made and machine stitched on – I’ll work on this a couple hours next while I watch some TV.
I pieced a backing for this log cabin quilt – I just realized that I need this quilt done in the next 2-3 weeks and with my Thanksgiving week plans I need to move it up the list. It will get loaded tonight after my couple hours of TV.

I started my Christmas Postcards. We usually just exchange one card each month but for December we have an option of sending one to everyone participating. I’m not doing anything elaborate but will make 2-3 different ones to send out. There are 9 of us that participate so I need to make 8 of them. The cute snowman print just has some snowflake brads attached – cute and quick. The other two are waiting for trees and I’m still debating what to do for the remaining ones.
And just because this was on my camera from yesterday. The IDS center has a beautiful atrium. I had lunch at a restaurant here yesterday.

See you in a few hours with another update.

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  1. Busy girl! I’m almost finished my Dec postcards…guess I should take some pictures. I like the background paper. Almost looks like Hibiscus…

  2. You give the term multi-tasking a new definition! I am impressed with your progress so far. I am glad that you have scheduled breaks in the Quiltathon. Take a power nap or two as well.

  3. You are really pushing yourself. Why do you do that? Hope you get it all done so you can sleep in.Diane in Alaska

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