Why push?

Linda commented and asked why I push myself….well there’s a couple reasons.

First, I need to get back on a regular sleep schedule because I have an upcoming trip to GA to visit my sons so this involves staying up tomorrow morning – the night part is easy – I’ve been up all night for the last week or two but have been sleeping during the day.

Second, tired and non-productive turns into the blues for me so basically, I’m playing a game with myself – to see how much I can get done while I’m meeting my first goal of getting back on *days*.

So here’s the done list so far:
Started 2nd load of laundry
Loaded and started quilting the Log Cabin top
Finished 1st load of laundry
Hand stitched the binding on the Green HS quilt
Started my December postcards
Pieced backing for the Log Cabin top
Made binding and machine stitched it on the Green HS
Finished November’s postcard

Here’s a photo of the quilting on the Log Cabin – simple freehand leaves and curls. Now to work on the postcards for a while.

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  1. The quilt is beautiful! I stayed up late last night quilting. I have three panels to do on a quilt in sections thingie I’m trying. It is so hard to walk away when all the planets align and the quilting gods are smiling at you, making everything go swimingly!Happy quilting my friend!!dawn

  2. You say simple freehand leaves and curls – doesn’t look simple to me! But then I don’t have a longarm. *sigh* Your work looks great, as always.

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