I’m a wimp!

I used to be able to stay up for two days without a problem but I needed a nap this afternoon. So I’ll go to bed a little later tonight and get up a little earlier tomorrow – by Sunday I should be able to manage getting out of bed at a reasonable hour in the morning. I’m SO looking forward to seeing my boys!

I made another pillowcase – these are seriously fun and there are so many charities that can use them. I cut both of these out at the same time and just reversed the fabrics I used for the cuff and body. The second one I didn’t use the narrow accent band because I didn’t think there’d be enough contrast between it and and the print AND I wanted to try the pillowcases both ways – you can either use the accent band or not.

I’m making mine for Alycia’s Quilt of Valor project but feel free to join in our Pillowcase Party on November 29 & 30 and donate them wherever you’d like.
Step by step photos of my pillowcases in progress.

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  1. Thanks for showing that step by step! I started quilting in July and am still new to the whole process, but I recently heard the best way to store a quilt is in a pillowcase. So, I need to make a few. Are you staying up tonight, too?

  2. One thing I found out after I washed the first set that I made for us — top stitch that accent piece down on the loose edge. Otherwise it gets all wrinkled and wobbly when you wash the pillowcases. If you top stitch on the very edge while it’s still a flat piece, just before you sew the pillowcase together, it’s a cinch to do and doesn’t take that much more time.

  3. the pillowcases are very nice. and have a great time visiting with your sons, I look forward to seeing some pics of the family.Take Care,Amy

  4. Oh how funny–I think I bought that same fabric in New Ulm to cut into charm squares and hand out to my guild members (we do this when we go somewhere to celebrate our trip). Saw the snowflakes and immediately thought “I’m in Minnesota for sure”!

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