a lazy day

I worked on a few more postcards tonight. I love this tree fabric and decided a simple star embellishment was enough on this one – the edges of these all still have to be finished.
Pam sent me these cute little Christmas bulbs so I decided I’d make a couple more trees and couch the string of bulbs on. I tried to put a star at the top of this tree but it didn’t look good unfortunately I’d already punched a hole so I covered it up with the PEACE charm. Not an ideal solution but at this point I wasn’t going to toss the card.

I also made a couple more pillowcases – what a great way to use up some stash and do some good at the same time. Mine will go to Alycia to present Quilts of Valor to wounded soldiers. It will be nice for my Sunday Progress report to have used some stash this week.

And finally, I played around with my blog background again.

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  1. I love the cards Mary, they look super. Aren’t these blog backgrounds fun? Thank you so much for putting me on to them.*hugs*Tazzie🙂

  2. Hi Mary,I am so intrigued by the post cards. They are so cute. What do you do with them? I mean, I know you mail them. But when you receive them, how do you display them?Happy Thanksgiving!

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