I failed

One good thing about not sleeping is it gets me closer to my goal of quilting 10 tops in November. This is # 8 of 10. It’s 3:50Am and as you can see below, I haven’t been sleeping. I loaded and quilted this HeartStrings top tonight after making the pillowcases and the postcards I showed earlier. I have to be up by 9:30AM this morning so I’m going to try to get some sleep.

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  1. No wonder you get so much done! I can’t imagine staying up that late but here it is 5:30AM and I’m wide awake, so I guess it’s the same thing at opposite ends of the clock. Good luck with getting up early.

  2. heh, it’s 7 am Mary and I am up too, having coffee and looking at you.I found a home for one of my quilts, my niece is having her room painted pink and I have one that is perfect for her, so am going to label it before I give it to her. I love the mornings don’t you?

  3. I love seeing the quilts you finish. They are all so beautiful. Something that has helped me to sleep is to get some nice lavender hand cream and every night just before I go to sleep is to rub some on my hands and a bit on my face. It seems to do the trick most nights and you get some soft hands too. Another thing is to get some aromatherapy oil of lavender and put some on a tissue and put it in your pillowcase.

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