Seasonal Quilts

It’s almost time to pull out my one Christmas quilt. It was pieced by Mom – I quilted it for her and then won it in a Family Quilt Exchange 5 years ago.

I’ve blogged about how much fun I have quilting with my family – here’s a photo of my 3 sisters, Mom, Janet (Deb’s DIL) and myself at the same exchange in December 2003.

(L-R) Mary, Janet, Maureen, Mom, Ann, Deb

Deb just so happened to win the quilt I made that year. We haven’t had any big exchanges in quite a while but Deb, Mom, Ann, and I are participating in the Family Postcard Exchange with some other family members.

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  1. What a great idea to have a Family Quilt Exchange. I will have to approach my sisters about this idea. Love the quilts. Your mom’s quilt is pretty: it is easy to see where you got your love of quilting.

  2. I am so envious of your quilting family! I am the only one that quilts in my family so the “exchanges” all go one way (away from me!) sigh. You are so lucky! SMILE!

  3. good grief! how long ago was that? It was fun…, I’d love to do more of that. That quilt is on the chaise lounge in “your” room right now!

  4. What a wonderful photo of you and the women in your family!Great quilts as well! I noticed your signature disappeared, as has mine and others. Weird. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I love the look of your blog all done up for Christmas…..and I love that yellow, orange and green quilt…such happy bright colors…Peggy

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