Seasonal Quilts

It’s almost time to pull out my one Christmas quilt. It was pieced by Mom – I quilted it for her and then won it in a Family Quilt Exchange 5 years ago.

I’ve blogged about how much fun I have quilting with my family – here’s a photo of my 3 sisters, Mom, Janet (Deb’s DIL) and myself at the same exchange in December 2003.

(L-R) Mary, Janet, Maureen, Mom, Ann, Deb

Deb just so happened to win the quilt I made that year. We haven’t had any big exchanges in quite a while but Deb, Mom, Ann, and I are participating in the Family Postcard Exchange with some other family members.

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12 thoughts on “Seasonal Quilts

  1. What a great idea to have a Family Quilt Exchange. I will have to approach my sisters about this idea. Love the quilts. Your mom’s quilt is pretty: it is easy to see where you got your love of quilting.


  2. I am so envious of your quilting family! I am the only one that quilts in my family so the “exchanges” all go one way (away from me!) sigh. You are so lucky! SMILE!


  3. What a wonderful photo of you and the women in your family!Great quilts as well! I noticed your signature disappeared, as has mine and others. Weird. Happy Thanksgiving!


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