I gave myself a gift

We spent most of the day running errands – one was a trip to the AT&T store to buy an iPhone. It’s got a better interface for the internet than my old phone so I’m looking forward to playing!

I tried out the camera from the phone walking home. You can see from the banners they’re advertising the Holidazzle Parades which go from tonight until December 21st, 4 days a week.

Not a lot of time for sewing today but I did manage to make 3 pillowcases. The official start to our HeartStrings Pillowcase Party is tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “I gave myself a gift

  1. I like your new background. I thought about the iphone too…but I want to keep verizon as my service provider so it’s out for me unless apple opens it up to more phone companies.


  2. I am looking forward to the parade this year. I hope my 2yr old will enjoy it too. You are going to LOVE your new iphone I couldn’t live without mine:)Your quilts are beautiful


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