I’m finished – 16 pillowcases that will go to Alycia’s QOV project to hold the quilts that will be presented to wounded soldiers in May 2009.

And here’s the whole stack!
This will add 16 yards to my stashed used total for the year and other than these pillowcases, I have no other progress to report this week. Next up a walk in the snow to a local pub to watch a bit of the Washington game….then hopefully, if my day goes as planned, I’ll get one more top quilted for November.

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  1. THey look so pretty hanging over the rail. Good job with the stash busting. Guess I should get downstairs and work on some more stash busting/pillowcases.

  2. Your pillowcases look wonderful. I think you did fabulous for this week with your goals. Enjoy the snow and the game. I’m taking a break from the football games. We’ve had a game on since mid-week. Hope to watch the Atlanta Falcon game later today. Take care!

  3. Excellent job, Mary … been doing a little stitching and watching the Steelers (home team) and Patriots game … hasn’t stopped raining and it looks SO cold … glad for my warm, cozy sewing room! Flatlander (Linda)

  4. Those pillowcases look so cheerful all spread out like that! I hope someone shows them all together like this so that the soldier receiving can choose!

  5. They are beautiful!!Thank you for your support of our soldiers. You may not hear this enough, but we/they do appreciate all the support and gifts they recieve.My DH is a Chaplain Candidate in the Army, and has been deployed twice. I also have a nephew who is Walter Reed right now, recieving medical care after a severe injury in Afganistan.Thanks again.

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