Pillowcase Party

I’ll be heading home from GA later today and getting ready for this weekend’s HeartStrings Pillowcase Party.

We’re making pillowcases for Alycia’s Quilt of Valor project – with a goal of 400 quilts for 2009, she needs a lot of pillowcases for presenting the quilts.

As I celebrate Thanksgiving, I’ll be doing just a little something to show my thankfulness to the soldiers who serve and protect us. Want to join us? Click the HeartStrings link above or email me for more information.

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Seasonal Quilts

It’s almost time to pull out my one Christmas quilt. It was pieced by Mom – I quilted it for her and then won it in a Family Quilt Exchange 5 years ago.

I’ve blogged about how much fun I have quilting with my family – here’s a photo of my 3 sisters, Mom, Janet (Deb’s DIL) and myself at the same exchange in December 2003.

(L-R) Mary, Janet, Maureen, Mom, Ann, Deb

Deb just so happened to win the quilt I made that year. We haven’t had any big exchanges in quite a while but Deb, Mom, Ann, and I are participating in the Family Postcard Exchange with some other family members.

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My quilting spaces

I’ve blogged about this before but since I’ve had a bunch of questions recently, I thought I’d share some photos and descriptions of my quilting spaces and schedule it to post while I’m away.

All these photos were taken in April when we moved so the longarm room is messier and while the upstairs sewing room no longer has boxes and the shelves are full – right now it could use a good cleaning.

We live in a 3 story townhouse and I use the downstairs family room for the longarm. I have a Gammill Premier Plus on a 10 foot table that I downsized to from a Gammill Classic Plus on a 12 foot table 2 years ago when we moved to Minneapolis. Luckily, it meets my needs and the transition wasn’t too difficult.


This room is also the *office* so I have my desktop computer, printer, and files down here. The longarm table has various bins underneath it but one of these days, I’m going to organize it like Deb has done with hers.

I just added track lighting down here and I love it – it’s made a huge difference in the amount of light I have to work by and it’s been great to be able to quilt on these nights I haven’t been able to sleep.


The upstairs sewing room is the 2nd of two bedrooms and I get a lot of exercise running up and down the stairs between these two rooms.

As you come in the door, the sewing table is to the left – I sew on an Elna which is NOT set up in this photo, the cutting table is straight ahead – it’s a buffet from an old dining room set that’s the perfect height, and my shelves take up the entire wall to the right.


Looking back toward the door – this table collapses when not in use and I took the doors off the closet for easy access and storage.


The shelves are from Ikea and my favorite thing in my sewing room. I love the drawers that slip in the cubes – you can see two at the top left but I have at least 10 of them. Some hold knitting and crochet supplies and others hold fat quarters that are too small to put on the shelves. My books line the bottom and right side of the unit – I think they take up 13 or 14 of the cubes.


I still miss the studio we created for my quilting in Marietta. It was large, had great light, and everything was in one room BUT I know a lot of people would be happy to have just one room, much less two that are devoted to their quilting and I am grateful that Keith allows me to take up so much of our home just for me.


I’ve been sharing my Christmas postcards but I think I might just have to make a few more. Vicki showed a postcards on her blog, one version with a tree similar to mine using crystals where I used beads and bulbs. I even bought crystals at MQS in May but forgot to use them. And look at these cute trees that Karen posted on her blog they’d be easy to adapt to a postcard.

Who else is making and sending fabric postcards for Christmas this year? Have you tried them? Maybe it’s time! I have some brief instructions posted on how I make mine but there’s lots of resources on the internet if you want to give them a try.

Having a wonderful visit with the boys. Chris and Becky came last night to meet us for dinner and we ate in the restaurant here at the hotel where Adam works. He had to work (cook) but it was an open kitchen and we were able to watch him work and he came out several times to chat when he had a minute. Dinner was really good too! I felt so proud.

We embarrassed him by taking a bunch of photos but I don’t have a card reader on Keith’s computer so you will have to wait until I get home to see them – I hope they turned out – Chris and Keith were taking them because I was too refined (embarrassed? shy?) to stand up in front of everyone in the restaurant and take them.

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Before I leave – just one more quilt

Keith told me tonight as he headed to bed, that since there was no way I was going to sleep before this trip that he’d see me in the morning. We need to get up between 4 and 4:30 AM to get to the airport and he’s right, most likely I won’t sleep at all.

So after packing, I went downstairs and loaded and quilted another HeartStrings top. It’s hard to get good quilt photos at 2AM. These blocks were made by Betty and pieced together at our HeartStrings Sew-in last month. I quilted it with my Circle Lord Swirls template – the first photo shows the quilting texture and the 2nd gives you a better idea of how nice the quilt looks.

This is top #9 of 10 on my to do list for November so I think I can manage to squeeze one more in after we get back from GA. Of course, of the 9 quilted only 2 have been bound so far so guess what I’ll be doing in December?

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