I lied!

Maybe I will bore you with more of these daily journal pages than I said I would. I added the link on the sidebar to the album they’ll be uploaded into but I just love this photo of Keith and I. Can you guess that the prompt today included weather??

click on photo to enlarge

Today’s quilting task will be bindings and the *hated* task of the day will be categorizing expenses for 2008 in my checking account software….it wouldn’t take long if I had done it all along but I’m months behind. I doubt I’ll get it all done but I’ll do a minimum of 30 minutes.

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7 thoughts on “I lied!

  1. I haven’t kept up on my records either. Thanks for the reminder. It definitely is a dreaded task.Love the scrapbook. Don’t think for a minute that you are “boring” us.


  2. Don’t you wish you were in Florida with these dark November days that decended on us all. Now it’s December and still I await some sunshine here in Ontario.We don’t have snow, but the cold dampness of the days are depressing.I am quilting bright colours!


  3. I too procrastinate a bit on some things and then when I finally do plunge in I usually realize it wasn’t so bad after all! You will feel SO good when it’s done! I love your photos – keep ’em coming!


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