Messy or neat?

I admit this room is a disaster….too much work and too little cleaning up as I move from project to project.
Would you look at that pile of strings on the floor?? They’ve been there since I started my green centered HeartStrings blocks and then grew as I worked on my pieced letters.
This mess is from tonight – I got two bindings made and sewn on but decided I needed to do a pieced binding on this quilt so I grabbed a bunch of leftover binding bits.
and as I got ready to sew them together, turned away for a minute and Chesty thought they’d make a nice pillow. Don’t worry….every quilt I make gets washed so there will be no pet cooties.
So, my question to you is if you took photos of your sewing room right this minute, would it be messy or neat?

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  1. Neat – but spread out! The ironing board is now in the kitchen because we don’t heat the laundry room, sewing machine is in living room because I don’t heat my sewing area in the winter, cutting area is upstairs in my office – so a bit mixed up with my office, but a good height. But even if I did have everything all in one place, I would only need one of your double cabinets to hold everything – so not that much to put away. Oh, but I do have a 5 year old son who just loves to throw my scraps around and play with his scissors in them!Cheers!Evelyn

  2. Right now, 6 months ago, next week–it all looks the same: messy.This is the super-messy season as my sewing room has gone from Halloween Central to Christmas Central–and will need to be half emptied out before dear brother and his wife come for Christmas, because that’s the only place I can set up the queen-sized air mattress for them to sleep on.Then messy temporarily moves to the screened in back porch, as daughter will be home also and she’ll be in the guest room with the double bed.No rest for the wicked.

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