Messy or neat?

I admit this room is a disaster….too much work and too little cleaning up as I move from project to project.
Would you look at that pile of strings on the floor?? They’ve been there since I started my green centered HeartStrings blocks and then grew as I worked on my pieced letters.
This mess is from tonight – I got two bindings made and sewn on but decided I needed to do a pieced binding on this quilt so I grabbed a bunch of leftover binding bits.
and as I got ready to sew them together, turned away for a minute and Chesty thought they’d make a nice pillow. Don’t worry….every quilt I make gets washed so there will be no pet cooties.
So, my question to you is if you took photos of your sewing room right this minute, would it be messy or neat?

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54 thoughts on “Messy or neat?

  1. Oh, my sewing room is clean…. because I haven’t been down to the storage building yet to retrieve all the junk I hauled out of there for Thanksgiving!!! LOL

  2. Definitely messy. How can anyone do any sewing without making a mess? I dream of a neat room, but then a neat room would mean I wasn’t doing anything.

  3. This knitter and quilter has things put back away in storage bins and baskets after each work session. Well, ok maybe there a few “unfiled” things out on the sewing table. I try to control my clutter and if a bin/basket/box gets too full then I stash bust and make scrap quilts.Carolyn in NC

  4. Let’s put it this way, mine makes yours look NEAT! And as for quilts, my spotted guy not only lays on them, but must be UNDER them too!

  5. Messy, messy, messy!Piles everywhere, e3ven on the cutting area, so I have to cut on a TV table instead.Is there a system that will make it neatER? Maybe if I start doing only the things I really want to do. . .then I won’t stop and start something else?Let me know if something works for anyone!

  6. Oh my, I do take comfort from seeing that I am not alone with my *messy* sewingroom…how does one create and stay neat is my question LOL? Just today my granddaughter was sewing on a quilt and as she was sewing things were being pushed from the table with the size of her project…quilters are just most creative when things are not in perfect order I guess! Thanks for helping me to feel normal with my sewingroom! BY THE WAY ~ I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  7. Right now? It would be neat, but only because I have been organizing getting ready for a retreat. But I plan on getting it nice and messy just as soon as I return! LOL

  8. Organized messy. I have way too many things out in piles, every surface is covered with “stuff”, but I know where to find things. I wish I could stay neat, but I don’t seem to work that way.

  9. I have one word for you. Entropy. It controls the universe and there is no use fighting against it. Everything seeks the lowest form of order and you can either spend all of your time fighting against it and losing, or you can give in, let things find their own resting places and be free to be creative! I call mine organized chaos. I know exactly where everything is, sometimes. Just don’t come over without letting me know a week in advance, unless you don’t mind stepping over the piles of fabric on the floor πŸ˜‰

  10. the funny thing is that my plan for today was to clean up but got busy making two exchange blocks instead. Of course that meant that I just pushed the “mess” around on the cutting table and then took out fabric from the stash, which didn’t get put back, yet. Maybe I’ll do better tomorrow.

  11. mine is a mess, where I sew is clean but alot of thing shave not made their way back into their “home”..bad thing is when I go in to clean it is going to take a whole day..and that won’t be until after Christmas.have a good one

  12. How about a little of both? Mostly clean, except for a pile of damp prewashed fabric needing to be pressed and put away, and two more piles on the floor waiting to be prewashed. I have to admit, though, that once the mess reaches a certain point I can’t work any longer – I have to stop to clean it up or it bugs me too much.

  13. Messy!! Very very very messy — and it’s only a corner of the living room!! I can’t imagine the mess I could create with a sewing room! πŸ™‚

  14. Someday I should post some pictures I have of my sewing room to my blog. I took them a few years back for a “messiest sewing room” contest at Quilt Nebraska, didn’t get them back in time (remember getting film developed?) and should use them for SOMETHING. I was still sewing for craft shows then and moved from project to project with all due speed and never cleaned up until the end of the craft show season in Nov.

  15. Neat, but only so I can keep everything safe from my 2 year old boy πŸ™‚ When it was in the sleepout and not the house it was very messy.

  16. I wish I was as productive as you. But one of my hangups, I can only work on one project at a time and I clean up at the end of each project. Maybe that is why I can’t be as productive as you. The question is not whether the room is neat or messy; it is what makes you comfortable. And with Chesty by your side, I’d say you are very comfortable which is what matters. Keep up your excellent work!

  17. It’s one of my favorite terms (which applies to MANY places in my house) – “organized chaos”. I’m sure you know just where everything is (and that’s what’s important, right?). Isn’t it funny how dogs can always find and “nest” in the softest place in a room? Mine does this too. Your photo of Chesty made me smile. He’s a cutie! Kasey

  18. If the Board of Health had jurisdiction over sewing rooms I would be on their Top 10 most messy! It gets to the point that I can’t find anything, can’t function and get so STRESSED going in there that I stay away … then I stop and spend time organizing, getting rid of things and have moments when I can be creative and want to just stay in there forever. My problem is I have WAY, WAY, WAY too much fabric and projects planned that never get started or finished. I also need to stop purchasing plastic bins to store this fabric in because it just adds to the addiction. Talk about a “Catch 22”!!! LOVE YOUR BLOG … you keep it very REAL, Mary πŸ˜‰

  19. I have a path . . does that make it neat? I had to clean a path so the heater guy could get to the unit on Monday and the patch hasn’t “grown over” yet. My sewing area is always messy! And, for the most part, it doesn’t bother me.

  20. I would die of embarrassment if anyone saw my sewing room. Even the area around my knitting chair in the family room is a disaster. I have come to the conclusion that creativity is messy and that people who insist on neatness are not creative. Enough said!

  21. I am in the middle of Santa’s workshop in my sewing room. Believe me I have to move things every time I want to press or cut. The piles just go back and forth and continue to grow. I would probably get a lot more done if I wasn’t always moving things to make space, but I just can’t seem to keep it neat.

  22. I’m with Paula. I had to stash it all back in the guest room closet. (Or rather Fibber McGee’s closet,) so I haven’t had a chance to get all the projects back out again. My fingers are itching to be creative!!

  23. Messy, incredibly messy, and it stays like that until I get to the screaming, can’t find a :/%$Β£!! thing stage. Huge tidy up and within 48 hours its back where it was.Oh what the heck – just leave it!

  24. Those pictures made me feel so good. I don’t like my room perfectly neat because I like a little clutter. However I always have more than a LITTLE clutter. I would just like the cutting table uncovered most of the time. I can deal with walking around bins of things on the floor.

  25. hmmm – neat-ishi’ve a few papers on my cutting table and stacked cmas quilts on the ironing board, and my scanner/printer is under some fabric / papers but i could just move the papers and i’m set to work πŸ™‚ so neat-ish

  26. It doesn’t seem possible for me to sew and not be messy. The only time my sewing area is clean is when I know well in advance that someone might be seeing it other than my family. Then I admire it while it lasts!

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