You did see this coming didn’t you?

Certainly you guessed from yesterday’s post what today’s *hated* task of the day was going to be! It’s not what I’d call clean…but after 2 hours it’s certainly much neater except for the string corner and I’m not cleaning that up until I finish with them – it’s just not worth picking them during a project.

I even put on a new ironing board cover – I was at Joann’s last Friday and used a 40% off coupon. The old one was looking pretty scuzzy. Those shelves are pretty neat too aren’t they??
The cutting table is completely cleared off – a rare occurrence.
All the bins and bags on the floor cleared away (don’t count the ones in the closet, they’re neatly placed in there!)
The quilts in the process of being bound are stacked on the table which has been closed back to it’s smallest configuration.
So, that brings me to another question for you. Now that I can see my mat again, it’s in pretty bad shape. I don’t really mind replacing it since it’s only the 2nd one I’ve bought in the entire 8+ years I’ve been quilting and I do a LOT of cutting. So my question is:

What brand is your favorite mat and why? I’m pretty happy with the Friskar’s brand but I’m curious which ones you all use and how long they last you.

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  1. hey it looks very clean and organized! I love your shelves.I use fiskars mats, but only because that is what i first bought 15 years ago when I started quilting. i realized only a few months ago that the mat I have been using for 15 years is not sized correctly. 20″ on the mat is actually 19.25″ in real life, or something like that. anyway, i complained about it to Fiskars and they sent me a new mat. Then i was concerned because their packaging said contains chemicals known to cause cancer, so i contacted Fiskars customer service about it and the woman who responded said the state of California made them put that label while they were conducting testing but since then they have determined it does NOT have chemicals that cause cancer, and to not worry.anyway i do use fiskars and olfa cutters. i think i’ll get an olfa mat soon to try it out. but meanwhile my fiskars mat has survived many many years of cutting, apart from having been sized wrong.

  2. I have both faves and brands I will never give another chance.Olfa and Fiskars have always been great for me. Recently, I was trying to get rid of wacky scraps and I decided to give another brand a second chance. I even wasted my 50% off coupon from JoAnne’s! June Taylor … does not heal and was worn out in about 6 weeks. No amount of rotating is going to find me a good place.

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