Christmas memories

I’m seriously loving this Journal your Christmas class. I’ve been looking through photos of Christmas past today, times spent with my family, with Keith’s family, and at home with the boys. The class allows you to utilize pretty much any method of journaling you choose and the prompts provide a structure that helps you organize your journaling.

My hated task of the day isn’t really one I hate but I’ve put it off for a while. I updated the online photo albums and the list of charities receiving HeartStrings quilts. The longer I put it off, the more time I knew it would take to catch up so I kept putting it off. I download the photos from our Yahoo group and then have to upload them all to the HeartStrings album….time consuming but this time I used Picasa to upload them so that part was MUCH quicker and it still took a couple hours. Rather than sit at home, I came over to the coffee shop where they have free wireless.

Now I’m going to head home and work on binding quilts.

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  1. Christmas is such a sentimental and nostalgic time of year. I love remembering all of my loved ones that helped to shape who I am. I love the warm fuzzy feelings of Christmas! Thanks so much for sharing these. ((hugs))

  2. Seriously, who wouldnt to to a coffee shop where they have free wireless!!??Love that photo with the boys & Chesty. Lucky dog!!I get such a kick out of my family, I wish we all lived closer!

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