Log Cabin Finished

I love this quilt which came straight from my strips and strings bin. I originally had plans to try some more elaborate quilting but in the end freehand quilted simple leaves and loops. Both photos can be clicked to enlarge.

This quilt and the boxed squares will be donated to two elderly women next week through the Angel Tree at Mom’s church.

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  1. What a pretty log cabin quilt! I think you just inspired me to take out and work on the one in my closet. Even if I just sew a little on it it is better than nothing.

  2. Mary- That is a beautiful log cabin. I love that the strips are of different widths; it adds so much interest to the quilt. I am sure the recipient will be thrilled to have it.Sue

  3. Hard to beat a log cabin quilt in my book! Though for some reason your boxed squares comes in a close second. Looks great!

  4. Mary, are the log cabin blocks sewn to a foundation, paper pieced or… did you design the block using different sized strips? I don’t remember seeing one like that.Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. The leaves and loops may be simple to you but they look pretty complex to me! Gorgeous quilt. Lucky old lady, at least in the quilt department.

  6. Here’s to holiday sharing ~ next week, I’ll be donating two of my quilts (the happy scrappy bargello and All About Soul, another large scrappy) to two women, ages 101 and 97 through the Silver Bells program here ~ homebound seniors who need some holiday cheer (and basics like soap and socks and towels). Sharing feels so good…

  7. Mary you are a very sweet and kind gal ~ sharing the quilts with the two ladies, they will be thrilled I am sure! Also I need to tell you I love the scrappy Log Cabin ~ you have inspiried me yet again. I need to rummage into my scraps/strips and HOPE to come out with the wonderful combo you have. What are the widths of your strips…I seem to have all of mine cut to 2.5, you seem to have strips not quite that wide in the quilt you are showing?? Thank you again for sharing your ideas and patterns!

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