A walk downtown

I pulled out my holiday mug this morning. It says “this is as merry as I get!” and it’s just perfect for me. I usually have to work not to be a Grinch although the last few years it’s been easier to get into the holiday spirit since I don’t have do any shopping and the snow doesn’t hurt either!

I had to mail some packages so I walked to the post office and then downtown to meet Keith for dinner. I love to walk when it’s snowing! I had to kill some time waiting for Keith to finish work so I wandered around a little. This photo is the Christmas decorations in the IDS Center atrium.

And coming home, we got enough snow to give everything that after snow *glow*.

Just in case you think I forgot, my task for today was knitting. I’ve got a prayer shawl about halfway done and I find that I’m reluctant to pick it up and finish it so I spent about 30 minutes working on it tonight.

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  1. Ahhh, a woman after my own heart. I saw Bah Humbug fabric and just had to buy it. Love the snow….that’s what I miss most about living in the East Coast. Seattle just doesn’t get enough snow.

  2. Snow….I cant really imagine what it would be like to have snow at Christmas time (here its normally around 35c which is about 95f) but I LOVE the look of the snow after glow!

  3. Mpls was GORGEOUS last night!! DH came in from Amsterdam (today we leave for Chicago) and we walked the skyway to dinner. The decorations downtown are awesome!!! I did get a walk in the snow earlielr though…i forgot how invigorating that is!!! Laurieps…i am having a HORRIBLE time getting into the Christmas spirit this year and time is running out on me!

  4. I really enjoy the snow pictures! It’s going to be 61 here today so no snow for us. Your blog is the 2nd one I’ve visited this morning with snow pictures. The other was in Maine. Keep ’em coming if you can. I love it! D~~~~

  5. BEAUTIFUL pictures of the snow walk, thank you for sharing. I love SNOW, and I too am having problems getting everything squeezed into a few weeks!

  6. Mary,As giving as you are of yourself in making quilts for others, I find it difficult to believe that you could ever be Grinch-like. I love seeing your pics of the city. I miss the midwest in the winter.Sue

  7. I love your pictures of downtown Minneapolis. It doesn’t even come close to the “cold” “miserable” “snowed in” mental picture I’ve had of the area. Your quilts are just gorgeous, too, but that’s not news to anyone on here.

  8. With all your wonderful Christmas cards you look like you are having a wonderful time at Christmas! I wish my sewing room looked like yours!

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