Quilt a NONE

Judy’s having a Quiltathon this weekend and I had every intention of working a bit but instead I haven’t sewn a single stitch. It’s been snowing on and off all day so of course we had to go out for a walk by the river and then downtown.

Click photo to enlarge
It’s warmed up a bit – it was 8 degrees when we left.

Tonight we’re going to a concert. I considered making that my *hated* task of the day but instead, I’ll knit a little more on my prayer shawl that I’ve been dragging out for months (I know it’s been at least 2 since I started it!).

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14 thoughts on “Quilt a NONE

  1. I just spent some time reading your Christmas Journal and looking at your postcards. You are very creative. Do you look for fabric in your stash for the postcards or purchase specific fabric? Your choices are perfect for the cards.


  2. you are crazy! It is in the 40’s here and I’m hiding in the house with the heater set to 74! I couldn’t even imagine going outside when the temp said negative anything. But I haven’t sewn anything either. Just sitting on the couch, enjoying my little guy as he plays video games. Sometimes you just need a little break.


  3. Wow, you make me feel like such a wimp! I was going to go for a walk today, but at 35 degrees and windy, I decided that it was too cold to go. If I had some of that pretty snow that you have, I might not of wimped out though. I love to walk in the snow!


  4. I absolutely love snowy, frigid weather and walks in the snow. Call us crazy but my hubby and I are retiring to nothern Michigan (Traverse City area) in a couple of years and cannot wait for our first Christmas there … hope you had a great walk and a nice time at the concert! ENJOY!! Flatlander (Linda)


  5. I love the pictures of the snow! It makes me want to snuggle inside with some sewing and a hot chocolate! Then I look out the window and remember that its summer here and I have shorts and a singlet on and the airconditioner blowing! 🙂


  6. We spent a couple of days in the MPLS and surrounding area just this weekend. Was -4 by the time we reached home late last night. The new bridge is nice and looong. First chance we’ve had to drive over it since it reopened. Snowed all afternoon today so it’s very pretty outside right now. A typical MN December. 🙂


  7. Your photos are lovely! All that snow, that I will never see now!I remember the wonderful hush, when it was snowing… surreal.Happy Anniversary for the Proposal!Hugs.xx


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