a new mat

I had every intention of buying an Olfa mat when I went out on Saturday but someone commented that they found it difficult to see the lines with their green rulers. So I tried it in the store and found it was much easier to see my ruler lines with the new Friskars mat.

This one is pink on one side and blue on the other – a truely reversible mat (unlike other commenters, I do use the lines on both my ruler and my mat to line up fabric). I’m not too disappointed since I’ve been happy overall with my previous mats which were Friskars.

Click on the photo to see the difference up close.

Another journal page – I’m still having fun doing these although I like the results from some pages better than others. I like today’s. You can see all the pages in my online album if interested.

This one enlarges too – click the photo to see a larger view

I haven’t decided what the task of the day will be yet, maybe more knitting and I’ll work on bindings too. I’ve just got a couple days before I head to VA. This will be another road trip with visits to MD and PA – I’ll be on the move pretty much from the time I get there Thursday to the time I come home on Tuesday.

While I’m there we’ll be celebrating my Mom and brother’s birthdays…but today is Mom’s actual birthday so Happy Birthday Mom!

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  1. Just read Bonnie Hunter’s post for today over at Quiltville. She (almost?, or did?) just bought the same mat as you. Now she’s concerned about a chemical warning regarding the mat. Go on over and read her post….

  2. I was going to point you in the direction of Bonnie’s post, but I see someone already has. I think it’s California being very very PC and really cannot see how a cutting bmat can give you cancer, unless you eat it!My mat needs replacing and as I’ve got the Omnigrid rulers, will probably go for the pink and blue too. I believe they are double sided?

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