A change in plans

Keith called to say he was going to work through dinner so the Beef Tips I have in the crockpot will be for tomorrow night. I headed out to grab a bite to eat and went to the coffee shop to write some Christmas cards. I put them off all week so I’m counting that as my procrastinated task of the day!

It’s been snowing all afternoon and I grabbed a couple photos of Chesty. In this first one he looks like he’s admiring the snow but….
this is how he really feels as he tries to pull me back up the steps into the house!

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  1. Oh so cute! Looks as though Chesty’s howling at the snow in the first photo. 😉 Even though he’s as white as can be…he’s still noticeable against your fresh MN snow!

  2. gosh mary…i drove home from chicago today and watch the thermometer in my car go from 22 to 62 degrees by the time I got home! but it drops tomorrow…Mpls looks gorgeous!laurie

  3. Well that’s not much of a coat, and he’s got no boots!!!! No wonder he’s trying to pull you back in the house! Poor baby!!

  4. Chesty knows where the nice warm area is. Yum yum hates the rain we have. That is about 9 months a year, we fight it every day.My daughter is stationed in Maine, she said it has been snowing there too.

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