Busy but productive!

I’m having a really productive day! By the end of this evening all that will be left on my mini *to do* list for tomorrow is laundry and packing. If you’re bored you can check out December’s *Done* list.

Since I had to walk to the Post Office to ship packages today, I took my computer and went to the MPLS Central Library to work on my instructions for Happy Blocks, a special HeartStrings project for January/February.

How cool is it that they let you bring your coffee into the library? There’s an attached Dunn Brothers but I didn’t realize until today that I was *allowed* to bring my coffee in. I always go up to the 2nd floor and find a desk by the window. Free wireless too although it was a little fussy toward the end of my session.

And speaking of cool – I love seeing the moon clearly when it’s still daylight.

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  1. My local library also allows drinks in closed containers. Overall, I think libraries have eased their rules. It is not uncommon to hear cell phones ring and people talking on them. Love the Happy Blocks. They will make some great children’s quilts.

  2. Mary,The building in the first pic here is the building my DH started his actuarial career at and is now ING!! The building in the second pic, the tallest one seems to be the one dh works in…although I can’t be positive!! TOO funny!

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