Another binding finished

A HeartStrings quilt pieced by the quilters at St. Mary’s in CT and quilted with freeform Baptist Fans – don’t you love the texture the fans give it? There are also Hearts appliqued over some of the intersections where the red strips cross.

Today’s hated task is already in progress. It’s laundry and I can’t delay it any longer because I have to pack for my trip tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Another binding finished

  1. What a cute little idea to applique the hearts at the intersections. I am going to do that on my next one.Have a safe and wonderful trip!!!I have adopted your hated task of the day. It is helping me to get some of the not so fun things, that I put off, done! Thanks for the inspiration! :~)


  2. hope you have a safe and fun trip. I am sure you will share pics when you return. I must have mised it but what program are you using to make photo scrap pages? thanks for sharing, Amy


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