Can I keep up?

So far I’ve been been able to keep up with my daily page for the Journal your Christmas class but it will be a little more challenging while I’m traveling. I brought the laptop with me and worked on today’s page in the airport. Pretty easy to tell today’s prompt is about Christmas trees.

This year’s tree is on the left in the photo above – do you have your tree up yet? Are you one of those really artistic types that have stunning trees each year?

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  1. Mary, I just love reading your blog and seeing your photo journal pages. They bring back memories of when my kids were young.I bet all your pics are in albums too. I am sooo unorganized! There is a pic of my tree on my blog. No it isn’t artsy. The ornaments are mostly hand made either by the kids, relatives, friends or myself. I think of it as a memory tree. The kids see things they made and say,”I can’t believe you still put that on the tree!” The rest of the decorations are things I’ve collected or been given. I love Christmas and hope that my home reflects that.

  2. I still have the little ornaments my kids made & still hang them, though last year we didn't put the tree up. Loved seeing your family all together when you were young, then the older version!

  3. Hey Mary, no we don´t have a christmas tree jet. We buy it one week before christmas and decorate it the evening before christmas. That´s our tradtion. Our tree will get red ornaments again. Sice a few years week keep ist simple and red. We still like to see something from the tree and not only ornaments. That´s our way to do it. I love the lights on the tree wehen they are shineing in the glittering ornaments.And we keep our tree inside untill the 6th od January, it my grannies birthday.I wish you a merry christmasChristiane

  4. Your journal pages are so adorable! They’re also very tempting (as in wanting to make some myself), but hubby would kill me if I spent any more time on my laptop or in the sewing room. Your tree is beautiful!

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