I’m off again

I’m heading to Virginia to pick Mom up for a road trip. We’ll be visiting Maryland for a family birthday party and then driving up to Pennsylvania for a quick visit to see my Uncle and his family. I’ll be home by Tuesday!

We’re not all together that often so I’m always excited when all 6 of us and Mom are going to be in the same place at the same time.

Can you pick me out in this photo?

How about in this one?

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12 thoughts on “I’m off again

  1. Good grief…I picked the wrong one!! That’s not you!! Is that your mother??? She looks YOUNG in that pic? You must be the one standing beside her.I should have kept my mouth shut!!! LOL


  2. Oh boy, am I loving this!!!Paula, you are in deep doo…not even close…your first choice was our Mother, and your second choice…well that is me.So you’ve got 3 other choices, lol!


  3. Oh what a darling picture! Did your talented Mom make all of those jammies?! My Mom made oodles of jammies for my nieces, since so many of them are so close in age. Darling.I know you’re in red and by your Mom in the “now” picture. I’m thinking you’re the little brown-haired girl by your Mom’s left elbow in the “then” picture.Your brothers sure grew up to be tall guys! They must be close in age like your own two boys?Sweet pic…thanks for sharing.


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