Chesty misses me when I’m gone so we spent some quality time together today including a good brushing. He still needs grooming before the holidays so I’m taking him Monday afternoon for a bath and trim.

He’s a cutie isn’t he?

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10 thoughts on “Chesty

  1. LOL … Blog Dog … that’s pretty good. He’s a sweetie … LOVE the pictures of him, especially the candids like when he’s sleeping, looking out the window, etc. Quite the Christmas Pup!

  2. I love Chesty! We had a Cleo just like Chesty that was with us for 18years until last July–oh how I miss that dog!! I enjoy seeing Chesty so much since he reminds me of Cleo!!

  3. He’s so handsome! He looks like he’s just been groomed in those pictures. When Ben needs groomed you can barely see his eyes!It’s so nice to see Chesty looking happy again!

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