A little too Merry

Too much partying last night and I’m lucky to even be sitting up. I’ll catch up on some of my blog reading but will skim and look at photos as suggested in several comments.

Doesn’t the city look festive? The photo was taken last night as we walked to the restaurant the party was held at.

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6 thoughts on “A little too Merry

  1. Ah Mary, your photos are so improved over the past couple of months. Those lessons have taught you well.I took a photo of Quincey the puppy that we mind a few days a week and if it wasn’t for Picasa it would be bleak.I posted it on my blog as he is so cute.I partied yesterday at the bridge club luncheon and by last night I was pooped and not in the way you are today, but still full of the good stuff that friends make at this time of year.Merry Christmas Mary…and continued good healt to your family.


  2. I love seeing your downtown photos. Being in an outer-ring suburb of Minneapolis, we don’t get downtown very often, and even less often at night! Your photos are a treat.


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