1. It means you’re subscribed to far too many blogs. You need to spend more time quilting and less time in front of the computer. I’m trying to just browse quilterblogs.com and/or bloggingquilters.com and trying to resist subscribing to any more blogs. I’m also trying to use a timer. No more than 30 minutes then I must get up and away for a minimum of 30 minutes.

  2. I quickly scan through them and just look at the pictures. Then if something really catches my eye I can still stop and look. That way you don’t feel like you missed something really important.

  3. It would kill me to mark as read all the quilt blogs (but the others I would do that to in a heartbeat)! They aren’t going anywhere and will be there when you get to them.I have Reader divided into categories (quilting, knitting, food, etc.), so I’d click on the quilt heading, click on ‘show xxx new items,’ click on ‘expanded,’ and scroll away for the pictures. (Or leave it in list form and read only the ones that interest you.)

  4. Bloglines has been having problems this week and sometimes one of your regular feeds will read that you have a hundred unread posts. Check to see if that’s why the number is so high. If that’s not it and you’ve really got that many then I would…shhhhh…. don’t tell anyone, but I would hit the “mark all read” button. 🙂 Then I would breath a sigh of relief! hahahahahaha How many blogs do you follow?? I am up to, hold on I gotta check…oh my goodness now I’m embarassed. I keep up with 205!!!! Yours is right up at the top! 🙂 Happy reading,dawn

  5. Click, scroll, click, scroll, click, scroll… Actually what I do is read all the blogs I really enjoy. Then with the rest I’ll just click and scroll through. Likely if their blog posts don’t mean much to me, I don’t mean much to them, you know? Just saying that I haven’t connected with that person, except for something in common, like quilting. 😉

  6. I go to a few blogs that I really really love …. 2 sisters (who just returned from MD) … then I mark the rest “read”.Glad you’re home safe and sound.

  7. I read the blogs that interest me the most and quickly scroll through the others to see the pictures. I also pay attention to whether or not the blogs that I quickly scroll through are ones I need to keep. After awhile of paying attention, I usually end up deleting some. I also stop posting on my blog in order to do more reading if necessary.

  8. Hey Mary, I agree with what most of the others said. I would scroll and look and read only those you *love*. But I’m just nosey enough to want to see what’s new! Hey the string “M” quilt raised over $1100 for the U of M charity!

  9. oooo..this was intersting….i have always wondered what others habits were concerning their blogging time…….you know, it’s nearly a new year….a good excuse to just start fresh and new…( we won’t tell if you mark them ALL as read )

  10. We had an ice storm last week and were without power for almost 4 days. I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading since then. I have been reading a few a day. It seems when you get way behind it’s really hard to get caught up.

  11. I also look at the pictures, checking several blogs whenever I get a chance. Eventually, I get caught up. I slso mark the ones I might want to go back to and read later.

  12. Yeah, just start over. Announce on my blog that I love everybody and will be visiting again when I pull myself together. I’m still trying!

  13. I have marked all read once, but I find that eventually I do find the time to get to them. I skim them, read the title, look at the pictures, and sometimes if it seems interesting enough, read the whole post. Remember, you don’t have to read them all in one day! I try to get to rotate them around, so that I can get to everyone once a week, but if I run behind, I run behind. That’s why you’re getting this comment a few days after you posted the post.

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