A perfect day!

First the champagne tasting at a neighborhood wine shop then a walk along the river and downtown. Lunch at the restaurant in the Foshay Tower, coffee and browsing at Barnes & Nobles before walking home. Now, we’re tucked inside for the night with the fire, the tree lit, and Christmas music playing.

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5 thoughts on “A perfect day!

  1. Your countryside looks beautiful but oh so cold. Here in AL it is 70 at 7pm and I am barefoot. But we are also tucked in, watching old movies by the Christmas tree. What a wonderful day.

  2. Mary, I love the fact that you live close to the “downtown” area so that you can walk to these wonderful venues.The snow looks fantastic. I am in South Carolina with 70 degree weather and all of the doors and windows open.Love your blog.Joyce

  3. oooouuuu….NOW THIS IS ‘MY’ KIND OF DAY!!….i really love your new ‘photo’ program…putting everything right there in a collage!

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