It’s a long story

My family probably won’t believe it until it happens but Keith and I have been trying to plan a trip to Ireland for the last 10 years. Lots of trips dreamed about, two trips actually ticketed and canceled, and my standing joke is that if Keith wants to stay married then I want my honeymoon by our 20th anniversary.

Yes, I tell him that the first one didn’t count because he messed up the dates and instead of jetting off to Antigua while my brother watched Chris & Adam, we had a long weekend outside of Jacksonville with the boys (ages 4&5, in the same room of course) as we drove back from Florida where we got married to Virginia where we were living at the time.

So, with a maiden name of McLaughlin and grandparents who were born and raised in Ireland, it’s always been a dream of mine to visit and that’s the trip I chose as my *real* honeymoon.

This week, Keith booked the tickets for April. We’ll go the week before our 20th anniversary (he’s cutting it kind of close isn’t he??) They say 3rd time’s the charm so I’m crossing my fingers that this trip will go off as planned. We don’t have any great plans for seeing the entire island but will spend most of our time in Dublin and maybe do a day excursion somewhere close.

Now it’s time to pull out the 5 or 6 travel books on Ireland I’ve collected over the last several years and start to plan.

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  1. I’d love to see you if it you are up for it Mary, and you are welcome to come stay with us a night in Killaloe (look it up we have a gorgeous village on the Shannon!!) about a two hour drive from Dublin… Dave’s family is up in Dublin so I could meet up with you there.

  2. wow–good for Keith for living up to his promise! in the nick of time! LOL I’ve never been there but I here it’s beautiful! Now to start the fun of planning! Good for you and congratulations!

  3. My husband and I courted with his five year old son. We have always had a “little” boy in our lives. His son is now 28. When our son goes off to college next year, It might be the first time in our relationship that it is just the two of us. I’m ready 🙂You might enjoy looking at Pat Sloan’s Ireland book. It was a quilting tour of Ireland. Several of my quilting friends were on the tour. They said it was absolutely fabulous. I can’t remember the title.( I do have a copy upstairs) It is a Leasure Arts publication.I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. What a wonderful 20th anniversary/honeymoon.

  4. Get ready April will be here soon, I heard Ireand is beatifull if you have “roots”it is more special.I love to travel, I’m envious too! Carmen

  5. It’s an amazingly beautiful country. The “green” of the grass and trees is greener than any you will have seen before. The potatoes are AMAZING (seriously … they taste like none I’ve had before or since). The people are friendly and the children’s faces are beautiful … you’ll be taking a bazillion pictures! Our late father loved it there (we have Irish roots on his side) and always wanted to go back for another visit … savor the planning and the actual doing … memories of a lifetime!Flatlander (Linda)

  6. oh wow….what a ‘honeymoon’ that will be!…i have always heard that is one of THE places to go!…i have gotten behind with you ( and others ), i’m off to see what else you have been up to!

  7. I just started listening to Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo and he talks of a the lack of travel in his marriage and the upcoming trip to Italy that the family didn’t believe would happen. Enjoy the planning. We went to the UK for our 25th!

  8. I grew up in Ireland and always love going back for a visit. When in Dublin you must go on the double decker bus tour. One where you get on and off at various stops. Great way to hear the history of the City. Also take the DART (Light Rail Transit) to the end of the line to Bray and buy fish and chips to eat out of paper on the sea wall. None better that I have ever

  9. Marymy fingers are crossed and prayers are going up that this trip goes forth .. how coo! ireland .. i want to go to scotland one day for much the same reason, altho my paternal gma is from ireland .. cork maybe?? I’d have to look it up .. and yes you looked all comfy and shame on keith for sneaking up on you .. used all his tiles and likely on a triple word score – how rude LOLhugsgrace

  10. We have something in common, Irish roots. My grandmother was also born there and my dream is a trip to the Emerald Isle. DH could care less. I have saved for the trip a couple of times and we had job lay off’s (job outsourced to India) so I am saving and dreaming again, I may go alone, but, I’m going someday. I’d really like to research and find what county/village, my grandmother was from. They have a common name, so, thus far, I haven’t found it.Enjoy the season and the snow. We, in SW Washington have it too and because it only snows once every 10 – 20 years here, we have not equipment to deal with it. I don’t even have boots!YIKES. I’m searching your blog for the boxy pattern and enjoying my journey. And Yes, I blog about mundane things too, afterall, most of life isn’t big moments, so we had better enjoy the little ones.Carline

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