A tiny flaw in paradise

I lost. Keith came from behind in Scrabble with an 80 point word and beat me 309 to 300 and I was sure I had this game in the bag! Doesn’t this look cozy?

Nothing like an oversized sweatshirt, a flannel backed quilt, and a fluffy white dog to warm me up after an afternoon spent outside in the snow.

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13 thoughts on “A tiny flaw in paradise

  1. It does look cozy and glad you’re both enjoying it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE board games, especially on a cold, snowy winter evening. I’m definitely a “snow” girl … your day sounded like bliss to me … my hubby and I also love the snow and usually have a trek through the fluffy stuff at dawn on Christmas Day, watch the sun rise and then hurry home to a wonderful breakfast to start our day. Chesty looks extremely comfortable and is almost giving you that “don’t you dare move and upset my comfort” look … LOL


  2. And you didn’t even mention that laptop adding extra heat as well! Toasty.I told my family there were a few things I wanted to do during Christmas break:put together a jigsaw puzzlemake a ginger bread house watch Polar Expressplay a board game Carolyn in NC


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