Skill or luck?

When I win at Scrabble I like to think it’s skill but when Keith wins?? Has to be luck right? He’s ahead 6-3 in our tournament….I hate losing!

Chesty was supposed to go for grooming last week but we didn’t make it and rescheduled for today. Keith took this photo the other night – Chesty digs in his bed and comes out with his hair full of static. I want him to look pretty for Christmas so that will take most of my afternoon waiting around for him.

I need the car to take Chesty but since it was -13 this morning, Keith didn’t want to walk to work (wimp!) so I got up and drove him to the nearest skyway. Nice of me wasn’t it? I’m not a morning person so I did whine a bit about it.

I was going to go back to bed when I got home but after spending quality time with my computer (email, blogging, and making my journal page for the day) I should go ahead and stay up since it’s after 10 now.

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  1. Perhaps if you mix a little Downy fabric softener with water and spray the pup’s bed, there may be less static. We used to do that around the big printers when I worked for a computer company. It reduces static in the air.

  2. I took my Wilson last friday to the groomer. When I drove up the road, about a 2 minute drive, the road was clear, when I came out of the groomer’s the road was beginning to be snow covered. 2 hours later we were 4 wheel driving to go get him. Hubby drove because the conditions were treacherous. Needless to say I carried him to the car, he looks fabulous, being a westie, he won’t be by week’s end with the snow we have about 14″ of the stuff. I hate the snow…

  3. December must be a great month for dog groomers and hairdressers. We all want to look nice for the holidays, don’t we? Gator and Ace went last week and will have a touch up bath tomorrow before the guests arrive.Mary, I’ve enjoyed your scrapbook pages so much–thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!xoxojan

  4. I just took my cockapoo to the groomer last week, and they gave him a little poodle tail with a ball on top…I loved looking at Chesty’s pictures and figuring out which parts of Brody came from his poodle side!

  5. That picture of Chesty just puts a smile on my face. He is so cute!!!Merry Christmas. Diane in Alaska

  6. Do you need some cheerleaders for your Scrabble tournament? We could spell words that you could make from your tiles and then distract Keith when it is his turn.What is the latest on your visitor log record? You mentioned it in one post, but I don’t remember your goal?

  7. Chesty even looks cute with bedheadhair! Jim and I play tournaments all of the time – sometimes gin or cribbage. I feel a Scrabble one in our future. Merry Christmas, Mary!

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