I’m sewing!

HeartStrings is having a virtual sew-in New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and I decided to get an early start.

I haven’t used my design wall since the move in April but felt I really needed it up to help keep track of which novelty squares I’d used and which colors I needed to use for framing squares so I took over the area at the top of the stairs outside my sewing room for the next couple days – there’s a bathroom behind that door but luckily, we have others.

And look who was sitting outside my room keeping an eye on my progress until Keith went to bed about 10 minutes ago.

I had a lot of fun meeting Suzanne for lunch today – don’t worry Deb, I didn’t talk about you TOO much! Again, if you have a chance to meet fellow bloggers/quilters in person, make the time – it’s well worth it.

Keith and I have been slipping and sliding on the ice the last week and I was betting he’d go down first but instead on my way to catch the light rail to meet Suzanne, I fell this morning. Nothing that a little Aleve won’t take care of but I was glad no one saw me go down.

Now, I’m heading back up to the sewing room – I’ve got at least another few hours of work left in me!

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7 thoughts on “I’m sewing!

  1. I have a couple of hours left, leaing town around noon on NYE I hope to have al of my commimemt blocks done, will mail upon my return,I love your design wall ( area) you are not expecting company are you!! lol Carmen


  2. Be careful! I fell while doing one of my power walks on the 22nd, right on my face! Never in a million years could understand that expression, but now I do! And I can’t blame snow or ice, just a rotten uneven sidewalk got in my way.That dog!!! Too cute!


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