It’s a new year

So I guess it’s time to take stock and gear up for 2009. I don’t do resolutions but I would like to get more of my personal quilting done this year. They’ll still mostly be for donation through HeartStrings but I haven’t pieced as much this year as I would have liked.

Review of 2008
64 tops QUILTED
1 – for me
6 – for family
12 – my donation quilts
44 – tops donated to Heartstrings that I quilted.

42 quilts finished and DONATED by me
14 of them made from start to finish by me

11 NEW quilts started in 2008
2 are still in the piecing process
3 are finished tops
6 were completed

17 UFO‘s were complete
9 of these were my quilts
the remaining ones were either pieced by Mom or HeartStrings members but were here at the beginning of 2008.

133.5 yards from STASH USED only finished projects are counted!

Projects carrying over into 2009

1 quilt to label
2 quilts to wash
2 quilts to hand stitch binding
3 quilts to making binding/bind
15 donated tops to quilt

UFO’s for 2009 (my projects only)
16 ( I may find others as I go along)
11 are finished tops

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  1. You’re an inspiration, Mary and I don’t say that to many people. I am constantly impressed by your focus and productivity. You go girl!! I wish I could say that I ONLY had 16 UFOs for 2009 … I swear they multiple in the night and I find more each morning! Thanks for your blog and for all you do!Flatlander (Linda)

  2. What an amazing list. I only hope I can finish some UFO’s and get some quilting done for me this year. Keep up the good work. Happy new year. Diane in Alaska

  3. Holy Cow Mary! I need to go lay down and rest from reading your list. Your an amazing, generous, and very talented quilter. I’m in AWE…AWE I tells ya!

  4. Congratulations on a successful year. Your quilting machine must not be empty very long because on average you are finishing over a quilt a week. That is fabulous and must be very satisfying. Keep up the good work.

  5. You are so amazing……great accomplishments for 2008…..thanks, too, for taking time to include “us” in your daily life/blog!!

  6. Mary, you really need to find something to do. All this sitting around and being lazy when there are so many people in the world that could benefit from your talent- JUST KIDDING! YOU ARE THE BUSIEST GAL I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I cannot wait to see what you accomplish this year!:)

  7. I am impressed with your list. I saw on ArtBiz that it was a good idea to write down all your accomplishments for 08 and yours are, well WOW!I’m going to do this on my blog as well. You are awsome to say the least.

  8. wow Mary–you are the bomb! And I SO admire you for all you do for charities, and it inspires to step up on my end to do more. Thanks for letting us peek into your life and see what a truly amazing gal you are. Best wishes for another productive year in 2009!

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