1. Chesty is even checking out the twisted blocks … see the way his head is turned? LOL I love pictures of that handsome young man! It’s looking really nice, Mary … love the bright colors.Flatlander (Linda)

  2. I love the Happy Block Party. It is so cheerful and bright.That reminds me, I have a bin full of bright whimsical prints. Hmmm…..

  3. I’m really liking the way this looks. It’s another on my To DO list. SIGH! I wish you all would slow down because I keep seeing the the things on my list being completed!!!

  4. Mary, that dog may be able to help you chose colours since he’s always hanging around….I love that one. Did you cut large squares, the place smaller ones on it in the large block?I love it. It’s so bright and will certainly make someone very happy.It does it for me!Here I sit having my morning coffee, looking outside at a gloomy day and who do I drop in to visit…you. I’m happy now!

  5. How fun! I found a plastic box of brights as I was putting fabrics away. I may take a break from organizing and make some blocks on Sunday (do the instructions include when to drink the wine?)

  6. This quilt is turning out really great! I’ve been wanting to do an I-Spy quilt and have a bunch of novelty prints standing by. This would be a great setting for that!

  7. Yep, scrap quilting is messy but the quilt blocks turned out great. Chesty is a great quilting companion & I bet the wine didn't hurt either. May your New Year be as happy & bright as your Happy Blocks. Thanks for thinking up this Block Party.It's been lots of fun.

  8. OK…..who is the ‘and some company’ you are refering to…..that glass of wine sitting there or chesty…???…LOLGREAT QUILT!

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