A few photos & a gift

Silly to take a photo of this but I love it when I find the perfect backing fabric for a donation top in my stash….this fabric was bought years ago and it’s just perfect for this top.
I did a bit of organizing….this is my downstairs closet with tops & backings ready for quilting.
This is the CUTEST little quilt sent to me by San (Gypsy Quilter). It’s just beautiful and I love it! It came with the QOV quilt tops before Christmas but I didn’t want to open it early….then I didn’t go down in my longarm room again until today. What a wonderful surprise.

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5 thoughts on “A few photos & a gift

  1. The latest pages to your Holiday Journal are some of my favorite. I like your 2009 goals: they are realistic.May the Lord continue to bless you with a giving heart because you are definitely using it to its full potential.


  2. That’s so sweet! A very thoughtful “thank you” to someone as thoughtful as yourself!Happy Saturday! Has your snow arrived yet?!? I’m trying my best. 😉


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