1. I don’t think it matters who you pull for – they both are playing awful and the winner is not likely to survive next week. JMHO of course! But I am enjoying all of the football on TV!

  2. Our trouble was the Ravens/Dolphins game this afternoon — Will likes the Ravens, Joe is a Dolphins fan. No matter what happened, one kid was going to be unhappy….(Don’t tell Joe, but I was glad the Ravens won, Will isn’t a very good loser…)

  3. I’m with anonymous, GO STEELERS!!!!I’m also ecstatic to learn some of my fellow quilters ar also football fans! Sometimes I think I’m the only woman in the world that likes it. I can watch football all day.

  4. Being a life long Minnesotan, I had to cheer for the Vikings!! I remember the first Vikings game I went to…..at the Met Center…..where the Mall of America currently sits!!! It was an outdoor stadium….in the winter only the very brave went to the games (the stands we packed). Actually todays game, both teams should have lost!!!Karen L

  5. I didn’t realize you were an Eagles fan! Of course, I hope you were rooting for them. It was probably the best game they played all season. Samuel’s interception and touchdown in the first quarter definitely set the tone for the game. Now to get past the Giants…

  6. Mary, had to chime in … I’m not a pro-football fan, my game is college football. Did you happen to see Nebraska Cornhuskers beat Clemson?? Now that was a game!Julia, NE

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