Blocks assembled

The Christmas tree is back on the deck and I want to thank Darcie for sending the snow my way!

I don’t particularly care for assembling blocks into a top but I like reaching the finished top stage. Tonight I worked on a binding while we watched a movie and then went ahead and assembled these blocks.

Now, it’s on to quilting. I’m setting a goal of quilting 10 tops by January 31st. With the organizing I did yesterday pairing tops with backings, I should be able to make good progress this week.

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7 thoughts on “Blocks assembled

  1. I’m with you on assembling blocks. I just assembled a queen sized quilt and it was exhausting! I don’t much like getting the backing ready either but I have extra wide fabric for this one so it’s only trimming and squaring off, but such a huge piece of fabric is so unwieldy. Thank goodness for my frame even if it’s only a shortarm one.


  2. Mary-I’ve been reading your blog for several months now, and I have to say You Are Amazing!! The amount of work you finish is astounding. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to comment more on the blogs I read. It’s hard to jump in and talk to someone you don’t know…but you are a source of constant inspiration to me.Thanks for keeping me jazzed up!Kim M from PAknitandspin at gmail dot com


  3. lol My pleasure, Mary! Just as long as you don’t make me shovel it!!! Guess it burns lots of calories…so I shouldn’t complain.I know I’d have a tough time choosing…but which did you prefer? The straight blocks or the wonky blocks? Both quilts are adorable!


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