10 days into 2009

I decided that it was time to finish these up and get them mailed out so armed with a glass of wine, I headed upstairs after Keith went to bed and got to work.

I didn’t realize until I got ready to upload this photo that the stitching in the 2 cards in the middle didn’t show up – they just have embroidery stitches like this beaded snowflake card that was already sent to my sister Ann but it looks nice (at least I think it does).
I’m over my distress of last night. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t like my quilting as the fact that I struggled with everything while quilting it…the longarm, the backing, the top, the batting….it was just one of those nights.

Tonight, I’m going to take another glass of wine upstairs along with my book and see if a hot bath doesn’t help make me sleepy by 3AM….I need by be up at 10AM tomorrow.

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  1. The cards turned out very nice. I like the added snowflakes in the sky. I wish that I was on your list of recipients. I’ve been a night owl, too, recently. I go to bed, toss and turn, and then get up and knit. It must be the full moon!

  2. Everything looks great mary…right down to the glass of wine! We’d be dangerous hanging out together! We might drink more red wine than quilt!!! ;o)Laurie

  3. Beautiful cards, Mary!I hope that you slept well! I don’t know how you stay up so late. I guess having a little one to get up and ready for school, keeps me going to bed early. :~)

  4. Its amazing how much you can get done while everyone else is asleep. I am working on a doll house project at the moment and after starting yesterday I almost finished it last night while my husband was asleep! I love the card on the right! 🙂

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