1. Is that two wins in a row? You go girl! :~)I am so jealous of your snow. We had piles of it at Christmas, now it has warmed up and is almost all gone. :~(

  2. Love your snow pictures. Don’t love the snow. We had about 4-5″ when we got back from our little trip. Better than the 9 to 12″ that was predicted.

  3. your making me home sick.Miss that old Grain Belt sign… But DARN, it looks cold… You are quite adventurous to take a lovely stroll in like what, 10 degrees?

  4. WHAT??? ANOTHER win at scrabble? I must’ve missed the first one! CONGRATS!!! It sure looks chilly there…Steve told me to bring warm clothes! Looks like you were down by the condos we are looking at…at Gold Medal Park.Laurie

  5. love seeing all the snow you get, we missed out again this weekend on lots of snow. Instead of the 6 to 12 they were predicting we were lucky to get 2.I was disappointed.Great pictures thanks for sharing them.Kathie

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