#4 of 10 is quilted

Well, I’m not 100% happy but I’m not unhappy with this either. The frond like feather is a little threadier in some places than I’d like but overall I think it’s pretty good for a first attempt. All the photos should enlarge when you click them.

One thing I always struggle with is the corners of my borders, on this quilt one turned out good (below) 2 aren’t bad, and 1 isn’t all that great. Notice I’m only showing the good one!

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27 thoughts on “#4 of 10 is quilted

  1. Fabulous, Mary! Diane Gaudynski suggests doing four corners differently — on purpose — for the sole purpose of avoiding that whole “matching” saga. Well done!!!


  2. *Very* nice, Mary!And I like Darcie’s quoted suggestion of doing each corner differently. I’m tucking that idea away for the near future!Have a nice visit with your boys!


  3. Mary-what group do you swap postcards with? I just found one on swap-bot and I think it would be fun to do, but if I could join the same one that you are in then I might end up with some of your beautiful work one day!Cary


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