#4 of 10 is quilted

Well, I’m not 100% happy but I’m not unhappy with this either. The frond like feather is a little threadier in some places than I’d like but overall I think it’s pretty good for a first attempt. All the photos should enlarge when you click them.

One thing I always struggle with is the corners of my borders, on this quilt one turned out good (below) 2 aren’t bad, and 1 isn’t all that great. Notice I’m only showing the good one!

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  1. Fabulous, Mary! Diane Gaudynski suggests doing four corners differently — on purpose — for the sole purpose of avoiding that whole “matching” saga. Well done!!!

  2. The curves look very smooth…mine look like broken teeth! Don’t be too hard on yourself…I so like Darcie’s pass along about having 4 different corners!

  3. *Very* nice, Mary!And I like Darcie’s quoted suggestion of doing each corner differently. I’m tucking that idea away for the near future!Have a nice visit with your boys!

  4. I think it looks great and I absolutely LOVE the idea of four different corners! You rock, Mary!Flatlander (Linda)

  5. Yes, and I really like it up against the two different colors. It really shows how varied the look can be. Mary, you gotta dig how fun this is! Possibilities.

  6. Mary-what group do you swap postcards with? I just found one on swap-bot and I think it would be fun to do, but if I could join the same one that you are in then I might end up with some of your beautiful work one day!Cary

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