No quilting yet today

I did brave the cold to walk downtown to meet Laurie for coffee….I walked very briskly and took the quick route NOT the scenic one via the river. These photos were taken the other day….but you get the idea. It was MINUS 9 (with wind chill MINUS 26) and if you’d told me a couple years ago I’d be out walking in weather like this I’d have laughed at you – but I love it and no, I didn’t even duck into the skyway!

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  1. egads it’s cold here but i well remember MN winters .. onetime it got-80 BEFORE the windchill … now that was bloody cold .. even the diesels with block heaters didn’t want to start that day .. heh .. i would have been waving at you from the skyway .. makes me wonder how I tolerated the cold there when it’s warmer here .. prolly b/c this is damp cold and gets right into your bones.I’m off to start doing something quilty / yarny today 🙂hugsg

  2. I think you’re nuts! You could have used the skyway, but choose not to…in that weather????Some of that cold has even reached down into south Florida…only a high of 58 today We’ve had the fire on off and on all day; and all evening…supposed to get into the low 40’s tonight, brrrrrrr. It’s gonna be a 3 quilt night for me! You’ll probably need 10!!!

  3. You are amazing! I’m the woos who happens to be a native and the thought of going outside today sent chills thru me! Great to spend a few hours chatting! We’ll have to do it again.Laurie

  4. It’s making me colder just reading your post! lol I’m a former New Yorker who’s lived in SE Virginia and is now a weather wimp!!! It’s cold here too, but nothing like you guys have!! Thank heavens for longjohns, wool socks, and Lands End squall jackets!!! It’s good you’re able to enjoy it a little when it’s like this, and as Rhoda Morgenstern said to Mary, you’ll keep better in all that cold!! lol

  5. ok, that’s just plain TOO COLD! Y’all acn keep that stuff! I’ll stick to my Pacific Northwest rain, thank you very much!

  6. lol we northerners are just tough! We’re pretty excited up here that tomorrows high is -18C!! One thing about the bitter cold we’ve had is that the sun has been shining and that’s a real plus. Way to go on adapting to your new climate Mary 🙂

  7. Bbbbrrrrrrrrrrr! You go out in this? I think it’s what you get used to. I’m in Sonoma County Calif. I don’t want to spoil your fun and tell you what temp. it was here today. Hint: I wore a cotton blouse to do errands today. No jacket. Drove with the car window down. You get the picture I’m sure. :o)

  8. Looking at those pictures all I can say is “you’re a brave lady”. And you enjoy it! Amazing. Well– good for you! I don’t understand minus(es)– I’ve always lived in California.

  9. I know … people think I’m crazy but I absolutely LOVE winter (cold, snow and all) and prefer it over hot/humid weather. Like spring and fall but not a big fan of summer. While it is cold outside (even here in SW Pennsylvania) I’m enjoying it … you just have to dress for it! Love it when it snows and snows and snows! The silence, the softness of the snow, the slowing down of life … ahhhhhh!! Yes, I did live in a warmer climate for a lot of years (San Diego) and prefer the season changes.Flatlander (Linda)

  10. Lucky you Mary meeting up with Laurie ~ she is a great gal! As for walking in the cold, ahhhhh not so sure about that one, but being from PA and hitting the mighty 2 degrees today, I can still say I LOVE WINTER, and prefer it with the snow we have now!

  11. After you get used to it……and make sure you have the appropiate coats….the cold isn’t so bad. After our 35 below earlier this week, we had 10 above today and it felt like a heat wave… I’m glad you are enjoying the Minnesota winters….life doesn’t get any better!!!Karen L

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