Killing time

After losing tonight (by 4 points) to Keith at Scrabble, I messed around with our new Roku player trying to get it set up to play Netflix movies. While it was a little bit of a pain to set up – it’s very cool. We rejoined Netflix and in addition to the movies they deliver on DVD, we get unlimited free *Play Instantly* movies. I’d been watching some on my laptop but the TV is better because I can bind quilts and watch.

Tonight I saw Arranged while Keith slept on the floor. I thought it was interesting and I enjoyed it. Last night on the laptop, I watch Impromptu . I wouldn’t call that one good but I did find it interesting and I spent some time looking up information on Chopin and George Sand and then downloaded some Chopin music from iTunes.

Now, I’m going to go piece blocks for the RWB quilt and maybe even get a binding made and sewn on.

Is anyone else in love with technology??

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  1. Yes! I love technology! We are pretty high tech in the computer department, not so much in the TV department. No Tivo and still an analog TV.Netflix recently made Watch Instantly available for the Mac, hooray! The other night I watched 4 episodes of The Office while opening old mail and sorting it, getting it ready for the filing cabinet!

  2. Sometimes the kids and I play a game where we see what we can find online…they will ask a question or think up a person, anything at all. You can find most anything online. I also love to watch movies on the computer and I love our Vonage phone! I-pods are the bomb and laptops are too. 🙂Yep, I’d say I’m a technology lover.You’ve got me courious about Netflix, I’m off to check them out.Stay warm!!dawn

  3. I’ve started watching some old (I hate to say vintage) TV shows on my laptop from I have enjoyed watching Simon and Simon and Major Dad again. How I miss the innocence of the older sitcoms.

  4. I work for the CIO of a large utility company … my exposure to “cutting edge” technology is, therefore, sort of limited to work related this … but it is very cool to see the personal things that the “techies” in our company play with … amazing stuff. We belong to Netflix and have for years … love it. Haven’t rented a video at a storefront in I can remember how long. I’ll have to try the Instant Watch feature … have see it offered but never investigated. Thanks!Flatlander (Linda)

  5. I’m happy to say that I live with two smart geeks so I leave the tech stuff to them. It’s a bonding experience(HA!!)I did a study and paper on Geroge Sand and peobably owed every book written by her. I think I still have a few. PBS once did a great series on her life. That was way back in the late 70s, I think.

  6. What is a Roku player? Hubby is updating my hard drive so now I’ll be able to watch Netflix instant plays on my computer. Hooray! But I have not heard of Roku.

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