#7 of 10

Not the best photo but #7 of 10 tops for January is done. This HeartStrings top was pieced by Barbara in FL and sent to me to quilt and donate. Quilted with Wandering Daisies pantograph. You can click on both photos for a larger view.

Here’s a better shot of the quilting. You’ll see the rest of the top once it’s bound.

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8 thoughts on “#7 of 10

  1. Well, it’s official. Roogrr’s torn his other knee and is having another TPLO on Friday. SIGH. I knew it was a high probability that it would happen, but I was hoping it would happen further in the future. At least we’ll be done by summer, but you know what a pain it is. I wish I had a dog the size of Chesty right about now. And the ice on the ground will be hard too. I can do it though, we did it before. At least I won’t have to keep worrying about the “other” knee!


  2. Don’t you love working a quilt that has come in such great colours? It probably makes your heart feel so good knowing that it’s been sent to you to do and secondly that it will go to someone who will cherish the work done and given in love!


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