Are you easily influenced?

In general I feel I pretty much march to the beat of my own drum – I can be rather single minded, almost obsessive at times but I don’t consider myself easily influenced by what others around me are doing. So why did I grab this book instead of a mystery novel today when I headed out to the coffee shop and lunch? I’ll blame Suzanne (she’s also the one who influenced me to explore the digital photography/scrapbooking classes).

I bought this book in September on our trip to NY/DC when we visited the MET and the National Gallery of Art when I realized how little I actually know about art. I have looked at the pretty pictures but until today, hadn’t taken time to READ it.

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5 thoughts on “Are you easily influenced?

  1. I wouldn’t call it easily influenced because you don’t take up everything that comes along. I think she just sparked an interest in something new for you. I am always trying new things. Gets me into trouble. Especially on the purchasing front.


  2. hey! what did I do? why is this one my fault???i figure it’s only fair, since it’s your fault i had to make a log cabin quilt last march. and i’m pretty sure you are to blame for some other stuff, too.😀


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