1. Good grief! Keith is nuts! Tell him it’s only 48 here this morning with the afternoon high only to be 64. But tomorrow should be around 74 or so.

  2. MMary, if he was in Seattle he’d fit right in, only he needs to have flip flops on! They dress like that year round around here. I actually saw several people wearing flip flops in all the snow we had before Christmas!

  3. Well after you have survived subzero for awhile………a mere 10 above is a heat wave. Yesterday, all I needed was a sweatshirt to stay warm and it was only 15 above…..but the shorts might be taking it to the extreme!!!!Karen L

  4. That’s so funny! My husband does that- of course, it’s NEVER 10 degrees here, but even when it’s really cold, he’ll go out in shorts!

  5. He’s going to be going to FL with rumonia as Chad used to say for pneumonia! Makes me cold just looking at him and thinking about 10 degrees.

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