1. Wow Mary, the top is really nice, but your quilting is just wonderful! I can only wish to quilt so nicely. Just beautiful.*hugs*Tazzie🙂

  2. Lazy day? For you?! I may have to debate that. 😉Most Chinese Coin quilts that I’ve seen have the same width of stringed (strung?) strips. But I think it’s your variance in width that really intrigues me. Very well done, Mary! I especially LOVE the quilting!

  3. Great job! Though I didn’t expect anything else from our favorite quilter. I love the Chinese coins, and the black and various size widths really makes an interesting quilt. I love the various ways you quilted the strips, too.

  4. I’m so glad you are happy with your quilting. It looks really nice. You are really zooming with your quilting the last several months. I wouldn’t beat yourself up IF (big if) you don’t get all ten done. You deserve some Mary time.

  5. Another beautiful quilt….you going to be done by next month if you keep this up LOL. Am collecting scraps for this one. What an insipation (running to go get scraps for quilt)just love this quilt.

  6. Mary, funny you posted a coins top today – as I was cleaning out some of my sewing room today (still have lots to do in there) and I found some coins that I made ages ago for the special HS’s project. Do you think the group will have another coins project anytime? If so I’ll hold on to them until then.. however at the time I really thought I’d get a top done and donated to the group (days before the twins of course) LOLLove that dark plum you used for the sashings… really fun! Have a Happy Weekend!Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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