#8 of 10

Up early this morning (5AM) to load and start quilting #8, a donated top by Barbara in FL. I’m quilting this one with freeform Baptist Fans. Click on the photos to see a larger view.

If you love the look of BF’s and haven’t given these a try you really should. I’ve always loved Tonya‘s hand quilted fans but I do most of my quilting by machine. Patsy Thompson has a great DVD and free handouts at her site showing how to quilt this and other variations. And you don’t have t o have a longarm to do these – Patsy quilts them on a domestic sewing machine.

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13 thoughts on “#8 of 10

  1. Wowsa that looks great there just like sitting next to a warm blazing fire with all those lovely warm colours, you will never feel the cold with that quilt. I have to do hand quilting on all of mind as i dont have a sewingmachine that quilts for me or a mega quilter like yours,,,, I can dream though or even better hand it for someone else to do lol.,


  2. Ooo, don’t think I could get my creative mojo going at 5:30Am –more power to you!Love the fans on this quilt. Thank you so much for links. I have wanted to experiment and see if I can do the fans freehand. Didn’t know someone else was already doing them that way. That encourages me to give it a try. or 2!


  3. They look grand! I love the free-flowing feel of them. (Say that 5 times, fast!) I’m going to have to pay your link a little more attention sometime. I’m very interested…thanks, Mary!


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