#8 of 10

Up early this morning (5AM) to load and start quilting #8, a donated top by Barbara in FL. I’m quilting this one with freeform Baptist Fans. Click on the photos to see a larger view.

If you love the look of BF’s and haven’t given these a try you really should. I’ve always loved Tonya‘s hand quilted fans but I do most of my quilting by machine. Patsy Thompson has a great DVD and free handouts at her site showing how to quilt this and other variations. And you don’t have t o have a longarm to do these – Patsy quilts them on a domestic sewing machine.

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  1. Hi Mary,Just want to say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog and the awesome quilts you produce. The number just makes me feel dizzy! Thank you, Ros

  2. Wowsa that looks great there just like sitting next to a warm blazing fire with all those lovely warm colours, you will never feel the cold with that quilt. I have to do hand quilting on all of mind as i dont have a sewingmachine that quilts for me or a mega quilter like yours,,,, I can dream though or even better hand it for someone else to do lol.,

  3. Mary, the quilt is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I love the deep autumn colors too! Great job! Barb W in MN

  4. Ooo, don’t think I could get my creative mojo going at 5:30Am –more power to you!Love the fans on this quilt. Thank you so much for links. I have wanted to experiment and see if I can do the fans freehand. Didn’t know someone else was already doing them that way. That encourages me to give it a try. or 2!

  5. They look grand! I love the free-flowing feel of them. (Say that 5 times, fast!) I’m going to have to pay your link a little more attention sometime. I’m very interested…thanks, Mary!

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