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I really don’t need another expensive toy but would you look at these?? There are several quilts I’d love to make but can’t seem to make myself spend the time cutting them out (apple core, thousand pyramid, tumbler, etc) especially since I want scrappy versions which take so much longer to cut anyway.


I’m going to have to keep this link …maybe I can convince Keith I need one for my birthday in June.

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  1. Checked the link also….BOY are they expensive just for the plates to cut the fabric. I can only afford right now another blade for my rotary cutter…LOL

  2. I saw these demonstrated at the Des Moines quilt show this fall. They seemed to cut well, and would certainly speed up the cutting process, and be especially helpful if you make many of the same quilt. I’m not sure how easy or hard or expensive it is to get new templates.

  3. I spent some time watching this demo’d in Houston this fall and thought it was pretty nice. I liked the small fold up one because of the ease of storing but of course you have to make more cuts of fabric initially to fit the smaller footprint. It would save more than time though – sometimes after a long stint at cutting my right shoulder hurts.Leslie

  4. They are rather awesome!!! I saw one a couple of years ago, at Quilt Market, before they were portable. I was impressed then too, but this is way awesome.

  5. I don’t think owning the machine is the problem… but buying all the dies! Dang, that’d wipe out your account in no time. 😛

  6. Ive’ heard good and bad impressions from ladies that have used them .. they love the quickness, but the waste gives them the heebie jeebies .. I know I would love to have one for mass cutting the same shape over and over again .. but have rotary cutter will travel i guess hugs and vicki has a great idea on that one!!!

  7. My hubby pointed that out to me at our local quilt shop a couple of weeks ago. I did not look at it to see what I think of it. I don’t mind using my rotary cutter… and am trying to save my $$ for a new sewing machine which I hope to manage this year!

  8. Alex had one we could use at her retreat last Nov. I didn’t go near it cause I just didn’t want to want it!! I know a lot of the gals had lots of fun with it.Carol

  9. I think it’s interesting how this company has changed the direction of their marketing for this product. It used to be called the Accu-Cut and was directed at schools, libraries and anyone else who might be cutting out letters and shapes for signs, posters and bulletin boards. Then along came the Cricut machines that can be set to cut anywhere from 1/4″ to 11 1/2″ or larger. Now the Accu-Cut has become the Accuquilt. However, it’s still high priced and the dies haven’t gotten any cheaper either. Anyone who thinks this is a neat machine really needs to check out the price of the dies and see what you get for the money. Plus, they aren’t small.

  10. I don’t think I could justify the expense. I don’t plan to make the same thing over and over and each set of dies would triple the cost of a quilt, if you didn’t make a bunch of one thing.

  11. Interesting but I don’t like doing the same pattern over and over so I’d probably not use it much. I’d be interested in hearing your opinion if you do get one. My birthday is in June too but I think I’ll go for more fabric.

  12. Hi Mary, I think I'll just stick to buying the pre-cut apple core and other shaped scrappys from Keepsake Quilting. They cost a little more but nowhere near this much. I'm going to check the quilt shop a few towns over though. Maybe, like Vicky said, they rent time on one.Stay warm & comfy!

  13. When I finally fill a copy paper box with pyramids for my 1000 pyramid quilt they come out with this…. you make so many quilts it may work well for you. I like the idea of renting one though….

  14. Check out this store:http://www.scottiedogquilts.com/It’s in Calif, but maybe you can get some stuff cut via mail. A friend of mine owns the shop and has one and will cut for customers. She has some family in MN and comes here a couple times a year. Maybe she could hand deliver your results! Check out her blog, too. Link is at my blog (in the sidebar – BrendaLou’s blog.) Here’s another option: attend one of her twice/year retreats. She will have it available at the retreat. Just bring your fabric! I have been to two of her retreats. Super fun and in a gorgeous spot!

  15. My LQS invested in one with a lot of the dies … they have a group of shops who purchased the entire series of dies and they “travel” from shop to shop. Anyway, you can join the AccuQuilt group and for $30 a year you get 12 two hour sessions to use the machine and your choice of whatever die is at the shop at that time. They show you how to use the machine, you bring your own fabric (you don’t have to purchase there or from them) and the machine is yours. You sign up for these sessions in advance (like you’d make a haircut appointment). I seriously looked at the machine and a few of the dies and, yes, it does take up a lot of room … room which I’d opt to want to devote to a longarm someday. So, I’ll play my quilts, gather from my stash, use the AccuQuilt machine at my LQS and be content. One of the things some other members do is they organize their fabrics with the patterns they want to make and cut, cut, cut … storing the cut up fabrics with the patterns in a box for future assembly. Good ideas abound on this blog 😉Flatlander (Linda)

  16. Hi Mary !Just to say: Happy monday to you !! Have a nice week. I like so much your quilts !!! And, I think if you realy need the cutter machine. Kisses and hugs from Brazil… Helena

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