# 9 of 10 done

Such a pretty quilt! Carol had asked me to quilt this one and I agreed as long as I could do a pantograph. I think the quilting turned out nice.

A closer shot… I was a little worried about the white thread in the border but it looks just fine.

I was also a little worried about the batik backing – I’ve never quilted one before but I’ve heard that lots of people have problems with them. Luckily, all went well and my tension was very good. (Go ahead and click the photo, you’ll see!)

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  1. I like how the stars are off-set from each other. It adds a different look to a traditional pattern.The quilting looks great on the front and back. Nice Job.

  2. Nice job– as always. You are so good at Pantos. There’s a trick to them– not always that easy for some of us.

  3. Nice, very nice!! The white was a good choice, and the panto is one of my favorites. I have my D9P to quilt soon, and although it has black backing and black borders, I’m sure it will probably get an off white thread. And yes, I unwind my thread and try it on my tops all the time!

  4. The thread and the quilting is just perfect! Keith may be in Florida…but you’ve got a slice of it right there in your own studio. What a happy, sunshiny quilt. “Well done, Mary and Carol!”

  5. You set a goal to get 10 tops quilted. wow you are amazing. I love your blog and so imspired by your love for quilting, thanks.

  6. I love everything about this quilt! I love all the color, especially at this time of year! The quilting looks great. I am not surprised, all of your quilts look just great!

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